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Welcome to Death by D6! I'm Alex - just a typical hobby idiot, chatting all sorts of nonsense about the grimdark worlds of tabletop wargaming.

Barring a brief, decade long absence, I've been playing with toys my whole life. I blame the LEGO.

I spend my time drinking coffee, painting to a mediocre standard and attempting kitbashes far beyond my skill with a hobby knife. 

I write about all things Warhammer and tabletop gaming, from news and views to nostalgia and lore - that's all under Articles. 

Examples of my own bang-average but very enthusiastic hobbying can also be found in The Forge. 

Twisted Visage army
Twisted visage 1k army
Twisted visage 1.5k army
Varengian Host army
Varengian Host tournament list
Tournament game
Warhammer tournament game
Tyranids v Custodes
Varengian Host army
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